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When treating the question of writing, I immediately feel that one should be highly considerate of the response. Writing is a tool that influences humanity in both powerfully positive and negative ways. The blade or the bullet can strike down one man, but the pen can condemn entire cultures- entire worlds- to an unfortunate doom.

In that same vein, that same “one” who pays respects to the written word may find it strange how distorted my writing processes may seem from time to time.

But why?

I write not out of necessity, but out of pleasure. Committing thought, memory and idea to text for the sake of posterity is a highly enjoyable experience. I’ve found writing to be an inevitability, albeit a welcome one.

Writing is a rather spontaneous experience for me, more so for some pieces than others. Any preparations I perform are contributed solely to more academic pieces in which I need to have the information I’ve derived from elsewhere sorted into a format by which I can easily pull what I need from others into my work. I follow no ritual, no tradition. I don’t have a “writing space” or favorite pen. The time, place, and tools I seek out are all for convenience and for the sake of offering the best pieces of writing I can to those who feel the need to read them.

My process is free-form, it changes, develops and evolves to suit my needs. Pen, pencil or keyboard are all valid and all offer differing experiences, and as such I’ll commit to using them all.

If I were to write a thesis paper or dissertation, I’d  take up the computer more readily than paper, simply because such a serious piece needs to be written in an efficient and appropriate manner. I can simply type faster than I can write, which gives me more time to think, to sort ideas, to challenge what I know and enhance the quality of the piece.

Now, what would happen were I take up a work that was a result of an unfettered, creative mindset? Be it poem or prose, the ideas that birth the stories can come at any time that thought should be occur- which should be every waking hour. In those cases, I’ll take up whatever space and whatever tool is at hand. My own comfort or concerns are secondary to the need to write.

In short, I’ll write what needs to be written as I must, whenever and wherever needs to be written. The niceties of a clean and quiet room or a secluded, rolling grassland. The comfort of my personal computer and journals and time itself. The spark of inspiration from a heated debate or a magnificent display of passionate oration. All of these are wonderful things, but are merely luxuries. They all help a great deal, but I can work without, and I won’t let the lack of such hinder my goals as they relate to writing.

The pursuit of knowledge.